Have you always wanted a long lasting hair? You can have this and many other benefits from tape hair extensions. If you are also classy, then you will want a long beautiful hair for always. Rather than wishing you had beautiful and lovely hair, your dreams can actually come true with tape hair extensions.

This unmatched hair extension can provide you with all the length and hair beauty you have been looking for. With tape hair extensions, there are many different hairstyles you can try. Even without clipping in or using additional hair. They are concealed in the hair and there are very easy to style. No one will even know you are putting on hair extensions.

 tape hair extensions

tape hair extensions

The tape hair extensions will always blend with the natural hair, giving more volume and length. The entire procedure can be done in the comfort of your home. If you are still not satisfied with the tape hair extensions, you can look at the advantages below and see what you can do with the tape hair extensions.

The tape in hair extensions usually produce 0.8X4cm/pcs, 1X4cm/pcs, 0.8X2cm/pcs, 1X2cm/pcs, 0.6X4cm/pcs. Also can produce according to your request, just contact tape in hair extensions factory: Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd. For more information!

Tape hair extensions are by far more flexible when compared with other hair extensions like clip-on. For instance, the hair extensions can allow you to cut the tape into many pieces. And apply it to various areas that are in need of additional hair. With its flexibility, you can totally customize the tape hair extensions to fit perfectly in any area you want them it to.

Everybody do not have the same hair type and all tapes might not fit into all hair types, but with tape hair extensions, you can customize them, creating your own unique size that is right for you and you can’t find this features on any other hair extensions. 

Can  Install At Home.

Although there are many benefits that come with tape hair extensions, its ability to install at home is one of women’s favorite. With the tape hair extensions, you don’t need to visit a hairstylist salon or pay much for installation. All you need is a friend who will come around and help you with it at home as it is very easy to install.

That’s a great news, right? This means that you will get to save up more money and not spending a dime at salons. All you need to do is ask a friend or family member to assist you with the installation and you will be good to go. Since installing tapes is very easy. There is a low risk of doing it wrong and even if you don’t get it the first time. You can just get it off and try again.

Fast Application.

Applying tape hair extensions doesn’t take long at all, 20 minutes is all you need and this makes it very fast. Other hair extensions usually take a very long period of time to apply which is not very good. And the application process could even get complicated along the way. Not to talk about the different handling tools you will need in applying them. But with tape ins, all you need to do is simply tape them to the natural hair and you are good to go.

Tapes Are Undetectable.

Transparent tapes are not easy to come by this days. Everybody loves their hair to look natural even when they use extensions. Well, tape hair extensions won’t leave a trace as the tapes are transparent.

Because of this transparency, all you will see is hair, and this will make them undetectable. This is good news for women and young ladies who do not like it when their extensions are noticed. With tape hair extensions, it’s easy to feel relaxed and enjoy the rest of your day looking completely natural. Without worrying if your tapes are being noticed.

Tapes Are Very Comfortable.

If you have always wanted to feel completely comfortable in your hair extensions, then the tape hair extensions are the best option you have. Tape hair extensions are the most comfortable hair extensions you will ever see out there.

The tapes are very thin and soft because the tapes are made by glue. They just stay flat on the head, making them completely unnoticed. So if it is comfort you need, you can trust to have all the comfort from tape hair extensions. Especially if you fall asleep with extensions, then tapes are your best choice when it comes to comfort.

Good For Thinner Strands.

If you are among those with a thin pretty hair, you must have known by now that they are only very little hair extensions that can help. The issue with having thin hair is that it can get too soft to stick on hair extensions, and when forced it could result to even more thinning and other damages. Blending extensions to thin strands is also not an easy thing to do because the hair isn’t enough to cover them up.

Because of all these difficulties, most women with thin strands have decided to completely avoid extensions, but it is time to get back up on your feet. Are you aware that tape hair extensions are completely safe for thin hair? Since these tapes are very gentle and light on the hair, your thin hair will easily blend with the extensions.

You Can Use Them to Shower, Workout, and Swim.

This is also another advantage of the tape hair extensions which customers can’t just get enough of. You can wear the extensions to the gym, they can use while taking a shower or when having fun in the pool. Using other types of hair extensions, we all know how difficult this can be, as sometimes before taking a swim, workout, or shower, you will have to take them off first and this can waste a lot of time and money. If you love having fun in the pool or you love working out,  tape hair extensions are the best choice for you.