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Best Quality Keratin Hair Extensions Factory

Best Quality Keratin Hair Extensions Factory In Qingdao China

First of all, which company is the best quality keratin hair extensions factory? It is Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd.
our factory use 100% premium quality human hair with Italia glue, such as European hair, Russian hair, Brazilian hair.etc
The hair very smooth with amazing quality, customers like it very much, there are have I tip, V tip, U tip, Flat tip
you can choose, double drawn and single drawn available,just visit our INSTAGRAM to check more pictures and videos.

Keratin hair extensions can be divide into two kinds according to the application method, COLD FUSION and HOT FUSION,
both are permanent application, so you don’t worry about the hair extensions would fall off from your hair.
The good keratin tip is made by something contains protein, is the same stuff in our hair, our keratin hair extensions use Italia glue,
very strong glue so it won’t do harm to your own hair, also can not fall off.

But the keratin hair extension is permanently apply on your hair, therefore you can’t take off at any time you want.

Here I attached a picture for double drawn keratin hair extensions I tip, just check it,

Best Quality Keratin Hair Extensions Factory

keratin hair extensions I tip factory

Welcome to contact Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd. to get your wholesale price!