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Keratin Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Keratin hair extensions pros and cons

Hi, Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd. a past row here in this article today, we are going to be talking about keratin hair extensions pros and cons. Now when I am talking about keratin hair extensions like I’m talking about Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd. hair extensions which are the brands that I usually use. So all the things I’m talking about in this video are all related to the Qingdao Unique Hair Products hair extensions brand because that is the company that I use in my hair and that’s the kind that I’m personally certified with us. We’re going to start with the pros because that’s the best part. My hair goes up to this point.

Pros of keratin hair extensions

So this is like the strand this is my natural hair and all the rest of it are extensions and their blended in really really well. So you can’t see them at all even though I have a shaved sides and another pro is that they are a hundred percent real hair. You can basically do everything that you would normally do to your hair. After I curled them you can wash them you can blow dry them you can do color them you can do anything that you would normally do to your hair. You can do to these extensions.

Do you want to see what they look like? They’re basically like little grains of rice and that’s kind of what they feel like that. So how I kind of say when I describe them to my clients, as I say, they kind of feel like little grains of rice in your scalp. And before you get them to apply, they look like this. So this is twenty five strands. This is one bundle and this comes in a bunch of different lengths as short as eight inches or as long as twenty-four. Another pro with keratin hair extensions is that because it’s made of keratin, it doesn’t damage your hair because keratin is a protein. That your hair and nails are naturally made up of.

Cons of keratin hair extensions

The con is that you can only use them once. It’s the super sad part, but once they’re in, that’s it. And then they come out. And that’s it. There’s kind of no elaboration on that. It’s one-time use only for this type of service.

Another con could potentially be how long it takes to install them. Depending on how long you are comfortable sitting down, it can take as little as two hours or as long as eight. Depending on how many bundles you have installed in your hair. Now the pro side of this that there isn’t a lot of maintenance involve. So once you get them apply, you can basically leave them and until they grow out. You do need to come in once two weeks after they’ve been install. Just to make sure that they are growing out properly. But after that, it’s basically super low maintenance.

I hope this article helps you learn a little bit more about keratin hair extensions and the pros and cons involved with them. If you like this article, welcome to visit our website www.uniquehairextension.com to check more information. If you haven’t already, have you ever had keratin hair extensions and what has been your experience? Do you love them or you did you not have the best time with them? Tell me all about them in the comments in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you if you want to order keratin hair extensions from our factory. Have a great hair day and I’ll see you later.

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