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Mini Tape Hair Extensions

Mini Tape Hair Extensions factory – Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd.

Today I am so excited to show you guys our newest Mini tape hair extensions. They have a new bond, it is much smaller, so you have more hair to use and it’s less detectable.

Our new mini tape ins are perfect for someone who has really fine hair, or even someone who’s just worried about the wind blowing and seeing their extensions.
As you can see the difference from this bond here to this one, it’s so much thinner and it’s perfect for ultra seamless extensions.
They are just like our regular tape in hair extensions, the hair quality is still the same, the same tape they last just as long still no shedding.

Mini Tape Hair Extensions

Our invisi tapings our most discreet and most undetectable double drawn tape ins but these are interchangeable you can use them with our remy tape with our ultra seamless and our busy tape ins.
But these are just super seamless when the wind blows you won’t see as much of the extensions and they’re perfect for all types of hair.
So this is our final look for ultra seamless tape in extensions. Which I was able to do in under an hour with no heat and no chemicals.
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Our mission is to produce the highest quality human hair extensions for a reasonable price.

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