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Lace wig

For the stock lace wig, we will photo the wig before we ship to you, after you confirm that, we will go ahead send the wig to you, after you received the lace wig, if you do not satisfy with that, pls send back within 3 days after you received the wig, the wig must keep the original looking when you received that, no lace cut, no wash, curl etc.
For the custom lace wig, we will photo the wig before we ship to you, after you confirm that ,we will go ahead send the wig to you, if you find some quality problem of the wig, pls send back within 10days after you received that, then we will find the problem and fix for you. The custom wig do not accept the refund.
Hair extension

We will make the exactly products based on your require, so we do not accept any refund after you received your order.
After you received the hair extension within 2weeks, if you find some quality problem, pls contact us first, send us some photos of the problem sets you thought, after we confirm ,you can send back the hair and then we will check and find the problem, if the quality problem is ours, we will redo or fix that for you. If the problem is caused by the way of use, we will do not handle that.
When you want to send back some hair, pls note the length, color of the package and pls note the order when you ordered.
Shipping, handling and insurance costs will be at the customer’s expense.

The wig and hair extension is not grow from our own head, the lift of them is limited. do not want to buy the products can use for few years, we do not supply the hair products can let you use forever, pls understand that .
For the VIP customer, we can redo some sets free for you, but that do not means we can always do that.