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What Types Of Hair Extensions Are Comfortable To Wear? Tape Ins It is

What Types Of Hair Extensions Are Comfortable To Wear? Tape Ins It is

Hey guys, welcome back to our website, today’s article is going to be all about our tape ins hair extensions
and basically just like what to expect if you guys are going to be getting hair extensions
if you are curious about getting them or think about get them. Then hopefully this article will help you guys out on what to expect.

What customers said

Let’s see what our customers say about our hair extensions. The tape ins extensions I bought from Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd.
Are very smooth, amazing quality, sewn hair with thread, the hair very strong, it is highest quality European Hair Extensions.

I love my tape and extensions and I want to help you guys out. Because I get a lot of questions about them.
I talked to my friend  to kind of get a little bit more information. In case you guys are wanting to get them.
So first of all tape in hair extensions are I guess you could call them semi-permanent they are in your hair once you get them until you decide to get them remove,
so you can pretty much do anything you want with the tape and hair extensions, you can wash your hair you can style your hair,
you can literally do everything to it that you normally would with your own hair, the only thing is they are tape ins.

What need to before apply tape in extensions

so you have to make sure that you’re not putting anything in it that could potentially loosen the glue on the tape,
any oily type products can not go around the actual tape and the tape in extensions
or else they could fall out and I actually filmed a little bit of today while I was getting my extensions remove and then reapply.
so that you guys can see what the actual process is like. I will show you guys a clip of my hair extensions reapply.

ombre and piano color tape ins extensions

ombre and piano color tape ins extensions factory

I basically takes a very thin section of hair and then takes two tape and extensions and tapes them together on top of the thin section of hair,
the whole application process should be pain-free it all depends of course on the stylist that you have,
that’s why I recommend doing your research no matter what type of hair thing you’re getting done,
because you don’t want to go to somebody who really doesn’t know what they’re doing,
because they could damage your hair and applying tape and extensions should not damage your hair whatsoever especially,
if it’s being apply to healthy hair and minor basically on my roots. Which has not treated whatsoever with like bleach or anything.
it is being apply to healthy hair of course you can apply it to bleached hair you just need to make sure that your stylist is doing it properly.
so that they don’t cause any further damage, once the extensions are in your hair, they are extremely comfortable.
like I’ve worn clip in extensions and they hurt my hair a lot and they’re also very bulky and heavy.
you can always feel them on your head but because the tape just completely flat that’s the only thing
that’s on your actual hair you can literally run your hand over your hair like not even feel them at all which I love and that makes sleeping on them,
even more comfortable because you just you don’t feel them.

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