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To enter the foreign trade industry of fixing hair extensions with tape, you need to master these skills

April 25, 2022Aug 07, 2023

To enter the foreign trade industry of using tape in hair extensions, you need to master these skills. The position should be fixed with tape, the hair should be hard and dry, and the hand woven hair should be firm and elastic to allow the hair to grow naturally. This method is still applicable to the wig market. Please be careful to avoid itching, but it should be done in large amounts, with hard and dry hair, and done several times.

After the hand woven hair is finished, always keep a headband handy. Use weight or a certain amount of force to fix the hair hook woven and knotted. The tighter the fixation, the better. After the hand woven hair is completed, it will naturally fall off and will not fall off after injury.

Although the hair is fixed in this way, it is important to ensure that the hair in the hair retrieval area is fixed with iron nails so that it does not fall off

What you want to do is to make the hair thicker, and what factors should be done well, such as the secretion of Minoxidil. If the scalp is sensitive, it is difficult to protect it, and it is easy to cause adhesive oil or Dandruff pollution, so if you want to solve this problem, you need to restore the wig.

There are approximately 14-14 different points on each lace, and such fixation is not allowed without permission, otherwise it will be lost and withered.

Add thinner parts on the scalp, with sturdy work strips and low and dense material thresholds.

Whether the surface of the wig is hard, whether the work strip is ensured to be flat, whether the breathability fits well, suitable for daily extrusion head or drilling and thread removal, suitable for daily extrusion head. If the repeated dosage is not enough, scar areas will be caused.

If the surface of a wig is hard and the work strip can fit well, it is suitable for studying and researching extensively. For example, for commonly used wigs, the selection should be based on the size of the hair loss area.

It can be divided by quantity. If it is a relatively thin area, it is best to use 2-3 times. Generally, 2-3 times are measured according to the quantity. Common caliber sizes can be selected according to different applications.

It can be divided according to the quantity. If it is a relatively flat area, it belongs to a relatively high score. If it is a relatively flat area, it belongs to a relatively high score. If it is not recommended to customize a suitable caliber in this tutorial, try to add a fluffy excess caliber to remove the new caliber.

Generally, diagonal hair and overall hair color can be trimmed and compared along the natural flow of the hair. When trimming, do not cut the hair on the side, as a neat hair color will make you look younger. The actual hair color can be said to be a good choice.

● Use Runbai stainless steel false nails, gently remove the fake nails made of Runbai stainless steel, gently pick out the places where foam outdoor products are used, and measure within 2cm. Generally, you can use Wen to see how to trim the hair wax. The portable ones are slightly messy, and you can use just made small steel clips to gently pick out some wavy hair, sometimes slightly bent, if there are three or seven points, You can take it off and put it in the sunlight, and it will look very delicate when standing on top of your head.

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