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Where is the quality of keratin hair extensions

April 25, 2022Aug 12, 2023

What is the quality of Keratin hair treatment? The difference of Keratin hair extension is the hair on the back pillow. There are exactly the same number of hair ends, and there are also some differences between hair ends.

The level of the team of doctors at Zhengzhou Kefayuan Hair Transplant Hospital cannot be generalized. At present, the establishment of hair implantation was basically two to three years ago, and there was no hair loss phenomenon at that time. Moreover, due to hair loss, hair follicles are also indispensable under the guidance of doctors' experience. Drug treatment is more convenient, and there are more options for hair transplantation surgery.

In addition, the current technology of hair implantation is also relatively mature, and both are mature in hair transplant surgery. Chengdu Kefuruan has a good demand for hair follicle transplantation. Currently, there is not only a demand for hair follicle implantation, but also a lot of pain can be reduced during surgery, and the surgical process will not affect the pain of hair implantation.

After a hair transplant surgery, the hair follicles can survive and grow new hair. These transplanted hair roots can continue to grow in new bald areas, and their vitality remains the same as when they were around, never falling off for a lifetime. Seeing this, I believe many hair enthusiasts will face a question: is hair transplant technology good? How long can a hair transplant really last? Let's get to know together! 1. The principle of hair transplantation.

That is, there is a thick piece of hair on our scalp, and these transplanted hair follicles belong to the "longevity hair follicles". The transplanted hair follicles will not fall off, so they can maintain their original characteristics. However, hair transplant surgery is a high-risk procedure that not only prevents hair washing, but also causes inflammation, and the survival rate of hair follicles is 70% higher than traditional hair transplant techniques. So, hair transplantation is a process of self maintenance. The cost of hair transplant surgery varies due to various factors. Due to the foundation of hair transplantation.

Hair transplant technology determines the effectiveness of hair transplantation, while the essence of the hair transplant industry is that hair transplant technology determines the effectiveness of hair transplantation. The difference in this regard is that there are currently two main types of hair transplant technologies, one is FUE and the other is FUT. FUT is mainly in the trace.

Please accept my tens of thousands of yuan for a hair transplant in Guangzhou. Would you accept the total price of the transplant? This is a question that many people will consider, and I will share with you a price that suits you.

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