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Fix suppliers with tape on hair extensions with high production standards

April 25, 2022Aug 17, 2023

High production standard receiving and sending uses adhesive tape to fix the receiving and sending position of the supplier, and the "Shanghai Exclusive Information Push Technique: How to extend the" Big data "processing network.

The pH value of brushing is about 50%. Do not rub vigorously during cleaning. Use a water basin to remove the water from the bucket, and control the liquid pH value to be three times each time.

Scale cleaning: Approximately 14 to 20 particles should be removed by gentle scrubbing, with a dynamic and static particle rate.

When flipping, do not forcefully pull the racket. Rinse after maintaining a consistent arc, as there will be no pungent odor after rinsing.

When rinsing, do not forcefully pull or pat. If it is wavy, you can use a specialized shampoo.

Usually, using a shampoo with a pH value of three times can remove a lot of oil, but if different methods are used, it is easy to remain in the pH area, such as washing once every 6-9 months. It is recommended to use a shampoo once.

After rinsing, oil can indeed clog hair follicles, causing hair to not grow and preventing hair growth. By washing your hair with clean water, you can remove hair loss areas, reduce the frequency of sebum secretion, and keep your hair in a rapid growth period.

Rinsing can take some anticoagulant drugs in daily life, promote the contraction of scalp capillaries, reduce the formation of sugar particles in hair loss, massage the scalp to promote wound healing, which can better alleviate different degrees of shedding. However, if the scalp oil is sufficient, it can also damage the scalp environment, cause hair follicle malnutrition, and hinder normal hair growth.

Washing your hair with cold water can remove a lot of oil, promote wound healing, and promote hair follicle growth.

Adhere to the principle of using shampoo, which can prevent hair from falling off no matter what method is used. After washing your hair, first remove the shampoo and then apply conditioner.

The principle of eyebrow implantation is that doctors first remove healthy hair follicle tissue from the occipital region through microsurgery, and then separate the hair follicle tissue through special procedures. Then, the hair follicle is transplanted to the sparse area of the eyebrow. After the hair follicle survives, new eyebrows can naturally grow, maintaining all the characteristics of the original hair.

Not suitable for people without hair transplantation, slow response time, ideal success rate, and requiring additional or multiple surgeries for encryption.

Scar like hair loss; Pattern hair loss; Neurogenic alopecia; Individuals with diseased hair loss; Individuals with local sources of infection on the scalp, such as scalp boils and ulcers; Pregnancy and menstrual period; Patients with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, etc; Patients with infectious diseases, blood diseases, allergies, hypertrophic scars, etc.

The previous month, the use of hair growth agents (such as Minoxidil) must be stopped; Stop using vitamins, including vitamin E, and aspirin drugs one week before surgery; 3. A small amount of food must be consumed before surgery; Do not consume excessive amounts of alcoholic beverages within 24 hours before surgery; Perform routine examinations before surgery; Wash the hair with shampoo in the evening or morning before surgery; Please wear a cardigan on the day of the surgery to avoid damaging the hair transplant area when taking off and resting after the surgery; If you have any other medical history or are taking medication before surgery, please inform the doctor in detail.

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