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What signals have been released by the keratin hair extensions and sending industry

April 25, 2022Aug 26, 2023

What signals has the keratin hair extensions and sending industry released? From many prospects, the hair style of European and American aristocrats, Ancient Egypt hair style, cosmic flying circle, B responsibility DNA, and CUP acid and alkali were combined in 2014.

The latest upgrade trend of Keratin hair extension is to integrate high-quality hair enhancement technology and quantitative technology, and to achieve a stable result. Direct injection from keratinization technology covers 92 complex problem combinations, which can seamlessly integrate into "connecting" long hair, and support the actual effect of hair brought by high-quality technology for many years.

There are currently two technologies available, one is crimping and Weck adhesive, and the other is braiding. Clipping refers to braided hair. For high-quality and seamless connection of braided hair, whether it is long hair, hair volume, or braided hair, the result of clipping is good, indicating that women use adhesive to keep their hair healthy.

Thick angle: Using hemp rope or wigs requires fixation, but it is generally possible to use multiple keratins specifically for Bree E mice, so recovery is faster. It is recommended to have good elasticity.

Hands are similar to braided hair, but it is recommended to use several softer and more agile methods, most of which are connected by the braided hair into a clip and fixed in front of the large braid. After the clip is fixed, the overall force is applied forward, and the back clip is fixed, which means wearing it once, about a dozen times at a time, and can also increase the number of times the sauna is taken out.

The feeling of running at will: Sometimes when the hair becomes shorter and the silicone falls off, the oversized braid will sound, making it appear particularly cool, as if it is about to be caught in the braid, so that people will pay attention to hair loss.

Insufficient thickness, if mild and noticeable, or if the hair volume is sparse, can lead to hair loss and even extensive hair loss.

Whether it is windy or rainstorm, as long as you run excessively, it will recover or even become less in about one minute.

Hair transplantation is the process of taking hair follicles from the back of the human brain as the source of hair, separating them into single or multiple hair follicle units, and using fine microsurgical techniques to transplant hair follicle units to the desired location, allowing them to survive and grow naturally in the new location, thus achieving the goal of repairing the local hair distribution density and achieving aesthetic results.

This surgery is only performed subcutaneously for 2-3 months, and after survival, no hair remains.

The current hair transplant technology is also very mature, as long as one is not careful, others can mistakenly think that the hair transplant surgery has failed. At this time, the goal of the hair transplant industry is to become a permanent hairstyle.

● Hair encryption: One of the precautions before hair encryption surgery, usually the hair after hair transplantation will experience a shedding period, during which the hair will continuously upgrade to a new growth direction during the growth period to achieve a better effect.

Hair implantation: Before hair implantation surgery, the hair undergoes a stage of adaptation. Generally, after hair transplantation surgery, the hair will appear in an explosive state during the increase and increase time, becoming more dense, so there is no need to change it again.

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