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New technology of keratin hair extensions market can become the next outlet

April 25, 2022Aug 29, 2023

The new technology of the keratin hair extensions market can become the next innovative product of the tuyere. How much hair is missing can be supplemented by Minimally invasive procedure. How much hair is missing can be solved. It is a "fake" in itself. Where there is less hair, it becomes a "ghost".

Because hair replacement is purely handmade, the craftsmanship is tens of thousands of times more expensive than traditional sewing crafts.

Weaving and hair repair products: with an area of 14, a base material of 60, a real person according to the size of the head, and then firmly sewn in according to the design plan, it can truly be confused with real.

Keratin # Hair follicle # 5. This kind of hair repair product: this hair style is made of 100% human hair, which comes out continuously on the big hairline. As long as you perm it, it will not fall off again.

Hair is tight and lacks nutrition. It is believed that washing hair will never fall off, but it can be considered as a ghost shave, which means missing. Hair must be tightly fixed with glue and must not be bleached, dried, exposed to high temperatures, or strongly curved to prevent normal drying and removal of hair.

In addition to not being able to wash hair, it is also important to ensure the wetness of the scalp. If there are substances such as dust on the scalp, it will be thoroughly cleaned with suitable facial cleanser during hair washing.

The use of gentle shampoo largely solves various problems with hair, as long as strong moisturizers are used on the hair, it will not fall off again.

After washing hair or using hair conditioner, it can be used as a hair reducing agent. As long as the hair is softened, appropriate hair conditioner can be applied to the hair appropriately, and the hair can gradually become thinner and longer by combing, until satisfactory results are achieved.

Hair conditioners should be used as little as possible to stimulate the scalp. If there is inflammation or degreasing dermatitis in the hair, it is easy to cause hair loss, which can lead to insufficient hair supply and affect hair growth.

After drying your hair, avoid direct sunlight. If you need to trim it, you can ask a professional stylist to trim and organize your hairstyle.

The hair loss caused by combing is quite serious. You can use a comb to comb and blow your hair, or use the palm of your hand to first stroke your hair, then use a hair dryer to dry the moisture in your hair, and then gently grasp and stroke your hair with your hand. It is not very harmful to our hair follicles, and you can basically achieve the effect of hair washing.

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