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Do you really understand this Keratin hair extension

April 25, 2022Sep 01, 2023

Do you really understand this Keratin hair extension? Isn't the head, bridge of the nose, and hair behind the extension still intact? The answer is no.

Hair is a process of hair extension, but there are certain differences in the nature of hair extension, which leads to hair falling off the back of the head.

After hair falls off, many people will encounter this problem, so how do they face the problem? Let's take a look at what hair transplant doctors say.

Nowadays, many people have hair loss due to genetic, environmental, chemical factors or other reasons. However, hair transplantation is the best choice to solve hair loss. However, what is the problem that many people care about? Let's take a look now.

Regarding the issue of artificial hair transplantation, hair transplantation surgery can effectively solve it. After the surgery, there will be some contact in the hair transplant area.

Hair transplant surgery is a common method of treating hair loss, and Xu Ke is a permanent medical designated unit of Shenzhen Xinsheng Group. She is a tertiary hospital of Shenzhen Xinsheng Group,

The hairline is very important for a person's appearance, but some people have thinning or even shedding hair due to genetic and hormonal imbalances, which brings them great trouble and impact.

Tianjin Yimeier Ruilishi Hair Transplant is one of the well-known hair transplant brands in China. Its Lite Teya Erduo is deeply loved by patients, and its postoperative care effect is trustworthy.

The success rate of hair transplant surgery is also directly related to the patient's physique, condition, hair transplant method, and suitable operating techniques, so different patients will have different treatment plans.

Scar hair transplantation usually uses special techniques to extract the blood supply tissue from the wound and transplant it to the scar, in order to improve the scar and achieve a natural effect after surgery.

Different patients may experience rejection due to differences in their physical constitution, which often directly affects postoperative outcomes.

Moreover, with the development of modern medical technology, hair transplant surgery is no longer a one-time surgery, but is determined based on the individual condition of the hair loss patient and the beauty seeker. Therefore, many hair loss patients want to get rid of scars without shedding, and the difficulty of hair transplant surgery cannot keep up with the development of the times. Therefore, choosing a formal institution for hair transplant surgery can be a completely safe and effective solution.

Pre operative preparation: Before undergoing hair transplant surgery, it is necessary to master the correct dietary habits. Hair loss patients should be able to prevent adverse reactions after surgery and prevent affecting the treatment effect.

Anesthesia: Before the surgery, the doctor will perform a scalp examination on the patient to determine a suitable surgical plan. After the surgery, the patient can go home without queuing up.

● Folliculitis: Hair transplantation requires local anesthesia, which usually occurs on the first few days. Patients can wash their hair immediately after following the doctor's advice.

Anesthesia: Within the third and fourth days after surgery, patients should remove a portion of healthy hair follicles and transplant them to the desired site without damaging the original hair follicles. During transplantation, hair follicles undergo a shedding period, during which new hair follicles will grow.

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