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What layout has keratin hair extensions industry made over the years

April 25, 2022Sep 04, 2023

What layout has keratin hair extensions industry made over the years? In the future, Xi'an will tend to pay more attention to time management.

The eyelash tip hair transplant doctor said that although eyelash implantation can directly remove eyelashes, its cause is very obvious, so they did not provide the small eyelashes you like. However, the current method of treatment through eyelash hair transplantation is only local implantation, and the principles and firmness adopted are also quite similar.

Eyelash implantation is mainly carried out through microsurgical procedures, using healthy hair follicles from the posterior occipital region. After careful separation and cultivation, they are transplanted to the ciliary area in the natural growth direction. After the hair follicles survive, new eyelashes will grow, maintaining their original hairiness and preventing further necrosis.

Nowadays, most of your eyes still have eyelashes due to the tip of the eyelashes, and eyelashes are an indispensable window. The size and density of each person's eyes are different, and each person's eyelashes fit together, except for the shape of the eyes and eyebrows that do not match. Therefore, eyelash planting can achieve eyelash planting, and eyebrow planting mainly extracts healthy hair follicle tissue from the hair follicles of the beauty seeker's own occipital region, and then transplant it to the eyelash area to achieve the effect of hair improvement.

Planting eyelashes is no less beneficial for eye beauty than those without eyelashes, as eyelashes are naturally scarce and difficult to maintain. If eyelashes are short, it can affect their growth and affect the normal growth of the eyes. Growing eyelashes longer after planting can make them appear messy and disorganized. So before choosing to plant eyelashes, it is important to choose a reputable public hair transplant hospital.

Everyone knows the principle of eyelash planting, and the same principle also applies to the condition of the applicant's own eyelashes. Doctors cut off excess eyelashes based on the condition of the applicant's eyelashes, and then plant the eyelashes to achieve the goal of eyelash planting. Compared to other methods, eyelash planting has a better effect, making your eyelashes thicker and more perfect for those of us who do not have eyelashes.

The principle of eyelash implantation is that doctors first remove healthy hair follicle tissue from the occipital region through microsurgery, and then transplant the hair follicle to the ciliary area after special separation. After the hair follicle survives, new eyelashes can naturally grow, maintaining the original hair embryo.

A large area of exposed scalp with severe hair loss. With the recommendation of a friend, I chose to undergo a hair transplant surgery. This is the hair transplant area designed by the doctor for me. Due to the large area of hair loss, it looks very large.

I belong to a typical round face, where women's round faces appear cute and charming, while men's sorrows are overwhelming. It appears that the cheeks are wide and lack a sense of line, which easily leaves a simple and honest impression. So the doctor specially designed a rectangular hairline for me, which not only enhances my tough guy temperament but also increases my male charm.

Many people are sharing the response status of the hair transplant area. I see that many people online are asking about the recovery status of the hair transplant area, so I will share the recovery process of how to go after my hair transplant. I hope it can help the wandering hair friends.

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