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Super long warranty Keratin hair extension

April 25, 2022Sep 26, 2023

Extra long quality Keratin hair extensions are made with adhesive tape.

Pattern hair loss patients with alopecia usually suggest you go to the hospital for a targeted hair follicle test to see if it is normal and effective

The calculation method for hair transplant price is as follows: hair follicle detection uses a series of precise calculations, combined with specific situations such as the patient's hair loss type and hair implantation price, to plant personalized hair for the patient.

The problem of female hair loss is also a concern for many people, so what should female friends do if their hair loss is severe? What are the ways to solve it? Facing the new type of hair transplant technology, hair transplant technology is emerging in a timely manner, and postoperative hospitalization is not required.

Pattern hair loss is a common type of hair loss. Women should be particularly cautious when facing hair loss. If they suffer from immune diseases, women with Pattern hair loss may also suffer.

Generally, people with sparse hair will consider using hair transplantation to solve the problem. If hair is sparse, what is the reason for it? Let's take a look below.

Hair transplantation is a treatment method that involves transplanting healthy hair follicles into hair loss areas through surgery. This method can solve problems such as sparse hair and baldness, thereby achieving the effect of restoring hair growth. The success rate of hair transplant surgery is also very high, usually taking three months to see the initial results.

In addition to hair transplantation, there are also some methods that can be tried to reduce the problem of sparse hair. Here are some possible helpful methods.

Hair transplantation is a common method for treating hair loss, which helps patients restore hair growth by transplanting healthy hair follicles to the hair loss area. However, the hair follicles in the occipital region after hair transplant surgery also require sufficient nutrition to supply.

Want to have thick hair and make yourself more confident and beautiful? So the preparation before the hair transplant surgery is what you need, because the diet, lifestyle habits, postoperative care, etc. within these two months need to be taken as a reference.

In addition, our professional medical team also requires our hair transplant surgery to ensure the effectiveness. Generally speaking, the preparation work before hair transplant surgery is determined by a professional hair transplant doctor based on each person's facial shape as a hair transplant tool, in order to determine the most suitable one for the current transplant.

Hair transplant surgery is usually divided into hair follicle transplantation, which is mainly applicable to the skin of the occipital region. As it only involves shallow skin and does not involve deep skin, hair transplant and hair care are very safe. As long as the transplanted hair follicles are not trusted by the area, and the technology is good, the entire hair transplant surgery process will change position in seconds without worrying about damaging the precious hair follicle resources of the brain, And because the extracted posterior occipital hair follicles are not affected by male hormones, they can exist for a lifetime after surgery.

The technology of hair transplant surgery has become very mature, and currently the traceless hair transplant technology in China is very mature. It has also attracted the attention of hospitals in various regions and brought good news to most hair loss patients.

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