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Fixed sales of over a million units using adhesive tape for hair extensions

April 25, 2022Oct 07, 2023

The sales volume of hair extensions fixed with adhesive tape has exceeded one million units, ten thousand households, and one thousand people.

In fact, hair repair and weaving belong to high-end wigs, not handmade, invisible and traceless.

When choosing a good wig, customers should pay attention to its quality and lifespan, otherwise the wig lifespan will be nearly a year.

A good wig is almost impossible to meet everyone's needs due to the insufficient distribution of PU round heads or excessive use of head covers.

New hair, whether it's natural growth, layered design, or combined with hairstyle, will make you look younger and more beautiful.

By using your fallen hair and undergoing professional treatment, customize a hairstyle to give you a younger image.

Compared to regular wigs, wigs are more natural and can also vary depending on their wear.

The normal wig wearing time is usually around 1-3 hours, so a detailed maintenance should be done before wearing it.

It is recommended to clean and maintain the wig 2 months before wearing it to avoid residual substances causing damage to the wig. At the same time, pay attention to cleaning frequency and other factors that are conducive to the daily cleaning of the wig.

It is recommended that you use 5% human hair silk. Before wearing it, please stop using the wig to reduce the frequency of hair dyeing.

It is recommended to use 6% real human hair. Before using, please remove the scalp from the wig area and pay attention to using both hands to open the original pores before cleaning to avoid dust formation.

It is recommended to use 6% real human hair. Before use, please comb your hair smoothly to remove the mesh attached to the wig.

Wigs can be designed according to your personal needs and mixed with your own hair to achieve precise styling.

When you use it for 1-2 times, you need to heat it to make the texture of the wig consistent with the original hair and return it to its previous appearance. This requires 2-3 times of heating.

When you use it for a long time, you need to heat it 1-3 times, and the heating time should be 1-3 times to ensure that the texture of the wig matches the original hair. This requires mastering the correct method and achieving a perfect connection with your own hair in time and place.

When you use it, do not come into contact with any alcohol to avoid damaging the protection of the wig, as we introduce.

Mycomycin ointment is a particularly popular ingredient that can penetrate into the skin, restore blood circulation smoothly, and also cause hair to lose its effectiveness. The main function of mycin ointment is to stimulate and produce a chemical component that causes hair follicles to shrink, thereby improving hair loss. But it is very troublesome for you to use, and you must pay special attention to the oil in the medium. Good sleep can help improve the condition.

The use of wig oil is very detrimental to the scalp, as it is caused by groundwater damage, drug damage, shampoo damage, chemical treatment, etc. This kind of harm is not very durable, you can also consult a professional wig doctor at a physical store or physical store.

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