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In addition to commonly used ones, you also need to know how to fix these hair extensions with tape

April 25, 2022Oct 18, 2023

In addition to commonly used ones, you also need to understand whether these hair extensions are fixed with tape for a few months, or are fixed with strong adhesive links for a few months, in order to maintain hair density again.

● The Siheyuan Women's Hospital of Chengdu Big Plum Hospital has hair transplantation in Xiangyang City. The hair transplantation in Grade III Grade A Hospital is mainly aimed at (including Grade III Grade A Hospital).

In the Department of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics at the Fourth Military Medical University, hair implantation has the clinical characteristics of hair implantation due to the special nature of hair retrieval. Moreover, the hair implanted never falls off, so it will not fall off after surgery. Therefore, the effect of hair transplantation is very good.

The department has passed international quality certification, and the survival rate of "RIN" intelligent hair follicles is over 400%. Moreover, the hair collection volume is high, allowing the scar area in the donor area to return to normal without scars, and the autologous survival rate in the hair loss area is high.

Hair transplant technology is currently a popular hair transplant technology, which is a traceless hair transplant technology, also known as traceless hair transplant technology. Its appearance has changed the traditional situation of hair transplantation, improved the survival rate of hair follicles, and the effect of hair transplantation is relatively more obvious.

Extraction of hair follicles: Under this technology, healthy hair follicles are separated and cultivated, and then naturally planted in the hair loss area according to the growth direction and density of the hair follicles.

● Extraction of hair follicles: Conventional extraction of hair follicles with units below 500 units. The seed selection method for each hair follicle is calculated at the seed selection site of the hair follicle. When more units of hair follicles are added in Switzerland, the hair follicles will contract and shift, with about 10 individual hair follicles located in the hair loss area.

The latest hair transplant techniques are mainly FUE and FUT, which are two common hair transplant techniques. FUE refers to the position after the row is taken, and FUE refers to the position where the row is taken. The depth of hair follicle extraction and the survival rate of hair follicles are both above 10%, while FUT is a key discipline. Normal cultivation and transplantation are above 10%, so the hair follicles are usually transplanted after zero damage. Generally, good results can be seen one year after the hair transplant.

● Large area planting: Traditional hair transplant methods require extraction before the new year or under crop conditions. Generally, due to dietary taboos in China at the end of the year or personal health reasons, postoperative hair loss may occur, and hair transplant is also a relatively long process. Therefore, to choose a good hair transplant institution, first of all, it depends on the choice of the hair transplant institution, whether there is a mixed bag of good and bad hair transplant institutions, and then it also depends on the hospital team, When choosing, it is important to shine your eyes, as most hair transplant programs are provided by authoritative experts and the best results are obtained. At the same time, the hospital you need to visit is a relatively high-level hospital, so when choosing, be sure to shine your eyes.

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