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Development Trends of Genius Weft Yarn Industry in the Next 10 Years

April 25, 2022Oct 24, 2023

In the next 10 years, there will be a trend in the development of the genius weft industry, with strong talent teams in public hospitals and medical beauty teams, which have been highly sought after by industry professionals. Velina is a world-renowned chain medical brand, and currently many chain hospitals internationally focus on male health and medical research. Regularly participate in studies at renowned medical institutions both domestically and internationally. Japan's medical equipment is imported from abroad, ensuring that the eyelids are opened and patients feel at ease.

Li Shushi is one of the major brands in China, and the medical beauty industry has always adhered to the concept of safety standards and guaranteed results, thus winning the trust and praise of a large number of beauty seekers. In 2015, a safe, professional, and standardized operating room certified by a five-star hospital and institution has become one of the first medical brands in China to receive praise from many beauty enthusiasts for its medical services, greatly ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medical treatment.

Li Shushi served as the dean of a plastic surgery hospital and has produced many rich surgical cases, with good achievements in eye plastic surgery, chest plastic surgery, breast augmentation, and other aspects. He studied in Seoul National University Hospital, South Korea, in 1956, and in various medical schools, such as the Academy of Medical Sciences. He served as the vice president of a well-known hair transplant hospital in Beijing after returning to China in 2007, under the guidance of the editor in chief of materials for "Going to Korea for Further Education". In addition, he has rich clinical experience and rich insights into surgical techniques, suitable for beauty seekers who want to undergo surgery, such as how to choose a hair transplant hospital, not limited to hospitals, and also belongs to the national selection officer!

I used to be a bald person, and I used to feel so insecure. Hair loss conceals him, preventing him from looking older than others, and even balding due to frequent staying up late, which helps him regain confidence. He began to actively listen to people's understanding, such as folk remedies for hair loss, such as dry hair loss, male hair loss, etc. By planting hair, he truly regained his confidence.

If it is a bald person who has been ridiculed or suffered from baldness due to unexpected reasons. They believe that baldness is a rumor that mocks them, but they have never heard of any treatment for hair loss.

If it's a bald person, someone who was once ridiculed, or a patient who wants to change their appearance, they are all moving towards their ideal path.

Although baldness is a rumor, anyone who is concerned about baldness still needs to make certain changes to themselves in order to restore their confidence.

According to hair transplant experts from Guangzhou Liyi, baldness is no longer a concern, but it can provide people with more choices. By making the right choice, wigs can make people look younger and more beautiful.

The cleaning and maintenance of wigs need to pay attention to the maintenance of the above four behaviors, which can keep the wig longer, and daily care is also important.

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