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This is an indispensable part of the industry of using tape in hair extensions

April 25, 2022Oct 24, 2023

This is an indispensable part of using tape in hair extensions in the industry, and they are all immersed in their own contracts.

Safety comes, friends do not mean safety comes. When safety comes, friends will not leave because of the traditional "wig" or "extra fabric", let alone because of their "fake hair" identity.

This is a brand new, personalized, and mechanistic "hair extension" technology that has been widely applied nationwide. The inventor of hair extensions, Mr. F, utilized his unique stability and properties to almost blend the original hair together, creating a group of products such as "Jishang Fang", "Dense Hair", "Freckle Removing", and "Hook Weaving".

The extension between the joint and the edge directly contacts the scalp, like a steel wire rope, which has a substantial impact on the scalp

On our right side of Puyang, there is a hair friend who used to have shiny black hair. However, due to his hair, his hair has become increasingly sparse, and the hairline has severely shifted back, falling into an "awkward" state.

The more severe the hair loss, the more money you spend, and the more expensive it may be. It is estimated that Mr. Sen found this, so you will come to us

Any disease is closely related to diet. For damage to the immune system, blood, iodine, obstetrics and gynecology, blood vessels, nerves, and other organs, no physical treatment can be performed, especially for insufficient intake of nutrients such as the liver and nerves, excessive consumption of fat and fat, easy digestion, and blocked hair follicles. Many hair transplant surgeries cannot be performed.

Any hardships. You should go to the hospital as soon as possible, leave the certificate of Aesthetic medicine before the operation, and then go to the ward for re certification.

Strictly follow the doctor's instructions and take care of yourself the day before the surgery. Do not take alcoholic drugs to avoid other discomfort.

You cannot wash your hair for three days after surgery, but you can wash your hair after 4 days, but do not rub the hair area too heavily.

It is best to avoid exercising within four days after surgery. After four days, you can engage in light exercise; After ten days, you can increase your exercise slightly; But for at least three weeks, intense body collision movements are not allowed.

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