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Analysis of the way of keratin hair extensions new products

April 25, 2022Oct 28, 2023

Analyze the explosion of new keratin hair extensions products The fifth generation of mechanized and accurate landing makes your hair become your intellectual real hair immediately, with a slightly smooth and darker hair color from the inside. People with needs and conditions can also ask their hair stylist or manufacturer to add hair.

The name of the plant hair dye is Keen Mulikun Hair Extension. This is the wholesale of plant hair dyes, such as breaking down the side cypress leaves and ironing, which greatly reduces or even surpasses the sales of beauty cutting hair dyes in China and has been maintained for more than 20 years. A major domestic brand, Panasonic (Sumei). Big brand Panasonic (Sumei). Big brand Panasonic (Sumei). It has indeed been sold on the domestic Evergreen board. But this does not mean that I am cheating. The wig is likely to make you like it, and customers who send wigs or woven hair can bid you farewell to the wig.

Hair is one of the facades, so wigs here are called woven hair. Today, the editor will introduce you to wearing wigs. A wig is a plant that can change hair loss. This type of wig is usually made by weaving real human hair hooks. When weaving hair, it is done according to different points, with a small area around the bottom, and then the fixed part. The difference is that the top of the head is at the forehead position, separated by seven small areas, and finally the fixed part is fixed. Because wigs have different crochet methods, the price is also higher for long hair, and the cheaper ones cannot exceed two yuan, and there will be no outrageous advertisements in the market.

Human hair wigs generally undergo a process of becoming too thin and soft, which is relatively long. This process is more comfortable compared to wigs, so the workmanship is more refined and the price is also higher, usually between 10000 to 30000 yuan.

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