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The sub category of keratin hair extensions industry ushers in growth opportunities

April 25, 2022Nov 16, 2023

The sub category of keratin hair extensions industry ushers in growth opportunities. But when faced with native hair, baldness, hairline, sparsity, and continuous high pulling, baldness even matches the entire scalp with hair follicles.

Overall, in terms of technology and industry development, baldness, baldness, sparse hair, and scarring are the main manifestations of women, which have also led to significant effects of hair transplantation on women.

As for baldness, baldness, sparse hair, or simply wanting to change hairstyle, hair transplant surgery can all be used to solve the problem.

The Fue hair transplant technology in the United States is currently the most advanced hair transplant technology in the world, and its emergence has brought more countries out of its graceful elegance. However, despite the high pressure, hair transplant techniques also require deeper cartilage support, so baldness, baldness, sparse hair, or simply wanting to change hairstyles can all be solved through hair transplant surgery.

As for hair transplantation, through this surgery, any hair loss problem can restore the number of hair follicles in the occipital region of the star person, reopening the hairline, and making the hair volume become full and natural. When the detected hair follicle status is detected, it can be extracted using a hair follicle extractor. The hair follicle will form a beautiful layer of blood supply in the hair loss area, and the hair follicle can survive, turning the hairline into normal keratin. The repair of the hairline is called hair transplantation.

By explaining the principle of hair transplantation, whether viewed from the donor area or tree trunk, the implanted hair follicles are permanent. Moreover, the hair follicles in the human posterior occipital region are not controlled by male hormones, so the hair follicles in the human posterior occipital region also possess this characteristic. Hair follicles that have been implanted in the past also have non hair transplant ability, which can grow normally and prevent hair from falling off. And because hair transplantation can maintain all the characteristics of the implanted hairline, both the implanted and native hair can grow and never fall off for a lifetime.

Due to viral infection, the hairline is too high, which can affect the effectiveness of planting. Due to not paying attention to personal hygiene, hair follicles are damaged and hair falls off, resulting in this situation.

The advantages of hair transplant surgery: By removing the patient's own hair follicles and planting them in areas with sparse hair, the postoperative effect is natural and realistic, and can be maintained for a lifetime. However, due to the multiple layers of hair follicles involved in hair implantation, it is necessary to gradually extract hair follicles after undergoing hair follicle extraction surgery. When extracting hair follicles, remember not to damage the original hair follicles, otherwise it may cause damage to the transplanted hair follicles.

Hair follicle extraction: Doctors will remove a piece of hair from the donor area, some of which are divided into small parts, making it less aesthetically pleasing. But if your hair follicles are not healthy, you can choose a hair transplant surgery, using precision instruments to implant the extracted hair follicles into the hair loss area.

Hair follicle implantation: Doctors will make perfect designs based on factors such as the face shape, degree of hair loss, and characteristics of hair follicles, ensuring the designed shape and implanted hair follicles, making the hair transplant effect more perfect.

The above is the operation method for hair follicle implantation. In fact, hair follicles are also what we call surgery, so we chose a hair transplant hospital.

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