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Can this type of genius weft yarn product become a new trend

April 25, 2022Dec 05, 2023

Can this type of genius weft yarn product become a new mouthpiece?

The first is the humanization of product quality. High quality hair looks natural and stylish, which can make you look even more beautiful.

Secondly, it is reliable. High quality hair looks dull and has attached fat, which is the key.

Glue on the scalp. It doesn't take much effort to remove the glue head. The crooked hairline can only stick a portion of the glue head to the hair.

The other is hair follicle transplantation. Type A hair transplant is suitable for everyone, as long as there is borrowing from the hair or water dissolved together, it can be regenerated. This type of hair loss ranking, due to the different comprehensive qualities of each person, the price of planting hair follicles will also vary.

According to market research, there are some hospitals on the market that only plant hair, but the planting effect is not suitable. Planting 2000 hair follicles costs 12 yuan, and the planting area is about 10 yuan, and so on.

So a type of baldness can be treated continuously, but at different prices.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that involves removing healthy hair follicles from the posterior occipital region and implanting them into the hair loss area to achieve the goal of implanting new hair. This type of surgery has developed into the times and has become a consensus among the public.

The effect is seamless and natural and realistic. The raw materials for weaving and hair repair are all made of genuine hair of the same quality as your hair, as if it grows from the same root, without any suspicion of artificiality. Make your hair blend seamlessly, as if it were made in heaven. Unless you admit it yourself, others will notice.

After weaving and repairing hair, it feels relaxed and comfortable. The entire fabric and hair repair material does not exceed 30 grams, and its relaxed and comfortable feeling is like natural growth.

Weaving and repairing hair is not a surgery, but a "hair beauty" service, so it is painful and dangerous.

It is an upgraded product that originated from traditional hair weaving, but surpasses the weaving process. It was first proposed by a major hair product manufacturer in South Korea. In early 2005, it independently developed a invisible and traceless hair enhancement product that can achieve similar wearing effects, and named it: invisible and traceless woven hair, which is known abroad. Abbreviated as HR. HR is a pun.

Because hair replacement is purely handmade, the larger the area of hair loss, the higher the price. Many stores in China calculate it by square centimeters

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