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Tape In Extensions Premium Quality

Our factory is the best quality tape hair extensions ombre color factory, customers like our products very much.
The best color they like is ombre color with piano color tape in extensions with dark roots. Stylist like this hair
extensions method because it can apply very fast, can stay about 2 months, and it is can reuse, Our factory use virgin hair, which can last more than 1 year after good care.

The tape in extensions we produced usually sewn hair with thread, also can produce no thread, use thread hair very strong, customers like it, you can see in the pictures, another very popular hair extensions method is invisible tape in it is hand made, the hair very realistic, and these hair extensions sell very well.

We also produce other hair extensions method, you can check our website or visit our INSTAGRAM to check
more pictures and videos, our factory have many different color stock tape in extensions ready to ship, ship at once, save your time.

Finally welcome to email us at sales@uniquehairextension.com to get your wholesale price.
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