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Duo pro hair extension tape import from walker tape, some customers like this tape,
we also have many different other brand tapes can match your request.

Qingdao Unique Hair Products Co.,Ltd. produce the highest quality tape in hair extensions for hair salons
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1. What is Replacement Tape For Hair Extensions?
Replacement Tape For Hair Extensions is a product used to replace hair extension patches. It allows hair extensions to last longer, making them stronger and more comfortable.

2. What type of hair extensions is this replacement tape suitable for?
It is suitable for all types of hair extensions, whether artificial or human hair.

3. What is its function?
Replacement Tape For Hair Extensions work by providing adhesiveness to hair extensions, allowing them to stay firmly attached to your natural hair.

4. What are its characteristics?
Replacement Tape For Hair Extensions are waterproof, durable, comfortable, easy to clean, and not easy to fall off.

5. Why do you need to replace the tape?
Hair extension tape loses its stickiness over time and frequent use, so it needs to be replaced regularly.

6. How often should the tape be replaced?
Frequency depends on how often the individual uses hair extensions, it is generally recommended to replace them every 4-6 weeks.

7. How to replace this tape?
First, clean the old tape thoroughly. Then, cut the Replacement Tape For Hair Extensions to the appropriate size, apply the hair extension tape, and finally secure the hair extensions to your natural hair.

8. Will using this replacement tape cause damage to hair extensions?
No, because this tape is specially designed for hair extensions. Its material is soft and will not cause damage to the hair.

9. Is Replacement Tape For Hair Extensions suitable for hair extensions?
No, it is just a product that can replace the hair extension tape. If you want to do hair extensions, you need to use other supporting products.

10. Can this replacement tape be used at home?
Yes, it is very easy to operate and can be replaced at home.

11. What is its shelf life?
The shelf life of Replacement Tape For Hair Extensions depends on the storage environment and storage method. It is recommended to store it in a dry and clean environment and use it within one year.

12. Does the replacement tape smell?
Replacement Tape For Hair Extensions is an unscented product that does not have any odor.

13. How many consecutive times can hair extensions be used?
It depends on the frequency of use and maintenance of the individual, generally speaking, hair extensions can be used several times with regular replacement of the tape.

14. Does using this replacement tape require expertise?
No, it is very easy to operate and can be replaced at home.

15. Are there any other precautions?
Before replacing the tape, it is recommended to give the hair extensions a thorough cleaning and conditioning to ensure that the replacement tape sticks better. Also, be careful not to let the tape come into contact with the adhesive, as this may affect the stickiness.

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