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Tape in Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

April 25, 2022Oct 24, 2022

Tape in Hair Extensions Pros and Cons


Many girls confused which hair extensions method need to choose, there are many hair extensions method in the market now,
such as tape in extensions, clip in extensions, keratin extensions, hand tied extensions, weft extensions, ponytail extensions,
flip in extensions, 6D hair extensions.etc. If you don
t know What Are Tape-In Hair Extensions?

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You need to know the different types of hair extensions with their pros and cons so that you can choose the one that meets your request.

Here we will talk about tape in hair extensions with their pros and cons.
After you read this article, you will be able to choose the right hair extensions by yourself, now let
s begin to discuss the pros tape in hair extensions.


Pros of Tape In Hair Extensions


Easy to apply no need tools and heat

Tape in extensions easy to apply, dont need heat or special tools, There are tapes on its tip and easy attachment to the hair,
you just to attach them to your natural hair strands.
No tools are needed, you have to place double tapes on each strand of your natural hair, one on top and another below the strand.
You need to find a reliable stylist to apply your hair extensions.


Easy to remove

The best way to remove tape in hair extensions is use remover, The remover does not contain aggressive chemical ingredients,
so it does not damage your own hair.
Put the remover for the tape area, wait few seconds, just pull the tape area gently to avoid damage your own hair.
You need to wash the tape residues from the tape area, when you want to use it, just put new tape on it and apply to your own hair is OK.


Not damage your own hair

The tape in hair are the least damage the hair. Because the tape in hair are very light, usually 2g/pieces or 2.5g/pieces,
and not add excessive weight to your own hair. Therefore, they won
t cause your own hair to fall out.
They are also very comfortable to wear, even for sleep.



The tape in hair extensions can reusable, after you remove the tape in extensions, just clean up the tape area,
and change the new tape to the tape area, tape in extensions can reuse many times.


Comfortable to wear

Tape weft extensions are very comfortable to wear, because it is soft hair and not weight per pieces, only about 2g or 2.5g per pieces.
Usually you will not remember that you are wearing the hair extensions. It is very important to be comfortable wearing hair extensions,
because they are semi permanent, you will wear them for about 6 to 8 weeks per time or more time, so you need to feel comfortable to wear them.


Natural look

Most people dont know you will wear tape in hair extensions,
because it is invisible, we usually produce tape in extensions size are 0.8X4cm/pcs, 0.8X2cm/pcs,
you can use 0.8X4cm/pcs for back of head, use 0.8X2cm size for your hair bangs or temple area,
So people won
t know you are wearing hair extensions. You look natural.


Long lasting

The more advantage of tape ins is that they can last about 4 months, normal quality tape usually can last about 2 months,
our very strong tape can last about 4 months, but usually customers will remove hair extensions for 2 or 3 months,
when they want wear hair extensions, they can reuse it, just change the new tape is OK.



Usually you can buy tape in hair extensions from online store or a retailer or hair salon, maybe expensive, but if you buy from the factory,
you will save much money, our factory have many different colors tape in extensions in stock ready to ship, factory price, factory price,
factory price, very affordable, and reusable.


Suit for thin hair

If your own hair are very thin, and very confused which hair extensions method need to use, the tape in hair is your best choice.
Due to the fact that some hair extensions method can be seen after wearing few days or weeks, and maybe damage your own hair,
because the weight and application method. But tape ins are popular and well known, the lightness of strands and it is not heavy on the
natural strands. Very suit for thin hair.


Cons of Tape-In Hair Extensions


Need to maintenance

Tape-in extensions need to constant maintenance, same as other hair extensions method.

If you want your hair extensions look new and last for long time, you need to care it everyday.
It is not take your much time to care tape-ins, just 10 minutes everyday, brush it regularly, and keep them in good condition.


Generally more expensive than other extensions types

More people will say the tape in extensions are expensive than other hair extensions, because this hair extensions method
need to stylist to apply, if compare with clip in extensions, tape ins expensive than clip ins.


Will fall out if not install right

It is easy to install tape in extensions, if not fixed it tape, it is will fall out from your head, its main major issue about tape in hair extensions,
so just use the strong tape to avoid tape fall out. Also need to clean your hair, conditioned your hair before install tape in extensions,
to ensure tape in hair can stay in your hair for long time.



Hope this article tape in hair extensions pros and cons can help you. Although tape in hair extensions not perfect,
but I think that tape in extensions are still the best hair extensions method if the install is done correctly.
After you applied tape in hair extensions, you need to wash your hair after 72 hours, so that the tape adhesive will very strong,
can keep your tape in extensions stay for long time.
No matter you have thin hair or short hair, tape-in hair extensions are one of the best choice to change your style at moment.

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